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Panaracer Catalyst Folding Tyre

Panaracer Catalyst Folding Tyre. The Catalyst is an all-new, all-year road tyre from Panaracer. – The Catalyst is an all-new, all-year road tyre from Panaracer. – The Catalyst is both fast and nimble with the right tread pattern to cope with all conditions. The Catalyst tyres represent excellent value and feature:- Edge to edge file...View more

Panaracer Cedric Gracia Xc Folding Tyre

The Panaracer Cedric Gracia AM/4X Folding Tyre is designed with both 4X and all mountain riding in mind, the CG AM/4X will excel in anything from damp to super dry conditions and terrain. Special attention has been paid to the shape of the tyre when inflated within the recommended range to provide optimal contact for...View more

Panaracer CG Soft Condition Tyre

The Panaracer CG Soft Condition Tyre is specifically designed for soft conditions. They really dig in and grip in sandy, loose or muddy conditions. Specifically designed knobs expand and contract to maximize traction and terrain contact. The SC transitions easily between hard and soft conditions without loss of traction. Well spaced knobs shed mud easily...View more

Panaracer Cinder MTB Folding Bead Tyre

The Panaracer Cinder Folding Bead Tyre is the next generation tyre for all purpose all terrain riding. A 1.5mm aggressive Multi Step lug pattern with special side knobs that just dig in and get the job done are matched to proprietary ZSG compound that outlasts the competition.View more

Panaracer Cinder MTB Non Folding Tyre

Featuring Panaracers softer ZSG Ultima compound, widely spaced and multi-step tread pattern, the Cinder handles everything the trail can throw at it, from off-camber roots to boulder sized rocks and technical drop ins. Size: 26 x 2.25View more

Panaracer Closer 23c TG Road Tyre

The all new Closer from Panaracer offers fantastic value and performance. With the Extreme Tread Pattern and ZSG Natural rubber compound , the Closer offers a long lasting and comfortable ride. Closer is a fantastic balance of high end race performance and the superb durability, comfort and confidence of a training tyre. CLOSER TG The...View more

Panaracer Comet XC Hardpack Tyre

Panaracer Comet XC Hardpack 29 x 2.25 Tyre is made to ride all day in XC and hardpack conditions. Rounded profile provides maximum side-to-side control while rolling fast. Narrower sizes for those times when just speed is what you need. Using the very latest in small block technology the new Panaracer Comet will be the...View more

Panaracer Crossblaster Folding Cyclocross Tyre

When Cyclo-Cross speed is your need! The all out Cyclo-Cross race tyre from Panaracer has the perfect balance of lightness, grip and durability. The optimal multi-step knob design has fantastic fast rolling and mud shedding properties, while the ZSG Natural Rubber and ASB chafer provide great all-condition grip, durability and pinch puncture protection. Only 280...View more

Panaracer Driver Pro Tyre

The Panaracer Driver Pro 29 x 2.1 Tyre is a light, fast, all around performer. Made to fly through the straights and still give plenty of bite on the corners this tyre inspires confidence in every dryer condition ride you can throw at it. This tyre has the right combination of strong side knob grip...View more

Panaracer Fire FR MTB Tyre

The multi height knobs offer extreme grip on rough terrain, while the “burning edge” side knobs provide stable cornering at high speed.View more

Panaracer Fire XC Pro Comp TLC MTB Tyre

Panaracer Fire-XC Pro Comp TLC MTB TyreThe Fire XC Pro design offers excellent traction and cornering in just about any terrain without the penalty of high rolling resistance or soft fast wearing tread compounds. The Torch tread design offers multi-height hard compound knobs for performance on hard and soft terrain. The Burning Edge side knob...View more

Panaracer Mach SS Wire Bead Tyre

> Exceptionally fast XC tyre > Semi slick central tread> Full side tread for accurate cornering > Black wall> Wire beadView more

Panaracer Race Type A Road Tyre

The All Round Race tyre supersedes the massively popular EVO3 with the same race winning performance but with extra tread thickness for durability. The same bead to bead PT (Puncture Technology) layer is virtually impregnable. This RACE tyre is ready for any conditions Hot/Cold, Wet/Dry, a sure performer. Available in Black or with Red or...View more

Panaracer Rampage Tyre

The Panaracer Rampage Tyre has a brand new tread pattern designed to be the best yet! Designed to give the grip levels of a full knobbly and the rolling resistance and acceleration of a semi-slick or low-profile race tyre plus the comfort and shock absorption of a large volume tyre and finally low weight for...View more

Panaracer Razer MX PR Tyre

Ideal use: Marathon / Enduro – The Razer MX is the bigger brother of the super fast XC. Just as fast and just as grippy, the low profile tread pattern and ZSG natural plus compound help you blast along dry trails and tracks in complete confidence. The larger 2.3″ volume of the MX provides the...View more